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TeleHealth For DentistsDental Care. Made Simple.P2P Dentist offers an intuitive way to access quality health care, when and where you need it.

Meet your dentist online

Prior to your appointment, a pre-authorization charge will be placed on your credit card. Final charges will include a TeleHealth service fee of $3.00 which will be applied immediately upon completion of your appointment. Your dental professional will determine the final cost of your visit.

All Teledentistry patients are issued a standard dental claim form, for which it is their responsibility to submit to respective insurance providers. Fees listed in this claim may not be covered or may exceed plan benefits.

Location Services

Sometimes the best dental specialist for a given need isn’t located nearby. With teledentistry, patients have access to more specialists and can find the right provider for their condition no matter the distance.


Improved Options for Treating the Aging Population

The average age of patients in North America is steadily increasing with no slow down in sight. This means a population with more healthcare needs and more chronic conditions. Teledentistry can open up the possibility for our geriatric population to have access to reliable advice without ever having to leave their home.


Reduction in ER visits

The Canadian healthcare system, especially our hospitals, are flooded with patients. This means increased chance of cross infection and high wait times. Teledentistry can help to ease some of the tooth-related emergency room visits and reduce unnecessary visits to the hospital.



Having a dental emergency? With P2P dentist you will be able to request an emergency appointment so that a provider in your area can see you right away.


Hate waiting for the dentist?

Sometimes you can wait weeks for an appointment. Now, you don’t have to. Seeing a dentist has never been easier.


It is difficult to be out of the city or out of the country and have something go wrong with your teeth. Teledentistry allows for patients to contact their own dentist back home for any emergencies no matter where they are in the world.


Access to Care

Many dental patients cannot visit the dentist due to physical or mental constraints. Patients with anxiety, those who are pregnant and those with physical handicaps often will forgo seeing the dentist all together. This portal will allow for access to care for all and does not require any travel whatsoever.


Consulting Services

Looking for a dentist who fits your exact need? Why not schedule multiple consults with different providers to see who is best suited? P2P dentist makes it easy to meet with dentists in your area rather than driving around to different offices and incurring major wait times.


Need to find a new dentist?

If you’ve just moved to the area or are looking for a new dentist, the teledentistry app can help you find providers in your area!


Convenient, Private, Secure

P2P Dentist lets you connect with your health care provider for a wide range of health concerns that don’t require an in-person visit.

How it Works in 3 Simple Steps

Add your health care provider

Schedule an appointment

Connect with video chat

How To Get Started

If You Have Your Health Care Provider ID

Add your dental professional from your dashboard using their unique health care provider ID. If you did not receive this ID number, please consult your participating dentist.

Please Note:

Access is limited to patients of participating health care providers. Let your provider know if you would like them to try P2P Dentist.