P2P Dentist

TeleHealth For Dentists

The world’s first complete TeleDentistry platform

P2P Dentist offers an intuitive way to access quality health care, when and where you need it.

Teledentistry is a revolutionary new technology that falls under the umbrella of Telehealth. It is an emerging field meant to increase access to dental professionals through video conferencing. Health care providers can now utilize P2P Dentist’s Teledentistry platform to help treat a variety of individuals without actually being in front of the patient. This allows for fast and immediate responses to emergencies and other dental/oral care issues, any time of the day from virtually anywhere.

How it Works in 3 Simple Steps

Set Your Availability

Manage Your Appointments

Voice & Video Calling

Why P2P Dentist?

Practice efficiency

Dentists will be able to save chair time and overhead costs by seeing patients outside the office


Quality of care increases

Replacement of phone calls with video chats allow for better diagnoses, more efficient prescription filling and record keeping, along with better privacy and security for all parties involved.


Alternative revenue stream

Dentists can bill for Teledentistry calls. This offers the potential to have a real impact on the bottom line of the practice.


Better care for existing patients

Patients at current offices can do an emergency call to THEIR OWN dentist from anywhere in the world if there is a dental emergency.


Patient preference

While a digital dentist visit may be the only option for some patients, it could become the preferred visit modality for patients seeking to save time and receive routine dental care


Removing barriers

Healthcare providers, government, and community health advocates want to bring better dental healthcare services to underserved patients in places like schools, nursing homes residential care facilities and remote/rural areas.



Dentists caring for underserved populations want to save time and increase their availability to consult with patients by using technology to access patient information, share data with team members, physicians and specialists.


Telemedicine trends

Dentistry is among the many healthcare fields migrating to providing service through apps and other digital telemedicine tools.



Many practices find that teledentistry allows them to think differently about how and when encounters occur. Providers can easily offer evening and weekend appointments without the need for additional office staff or other overhead expenses associated with being physically present in the office. Some find that they can work from home part of the time and improve their work/life balance as well.


Ease of use

The Dentist can review patient details, photos and videos before beginning the call. Instant messaging, sharing files and prescriptions or scheduling further on-demand video calls are also possible within the platform.


Schedule and manage appointments instantly

Your availability is at your finger tips. Need to manage your availablity quickly? No sweat you can update and reschedule or cancel appointments in seconds.


Appointment confirmations using SMS

SMS confirmations sent to both patient and doctor will confirm all appointments, thus helping to reduce no-shows’.


Payment collection and claim form generation

Dentists are able to collect payment upfront using our platform.


    • Minutes – Unlimited
    • Sessions – Unlimited
    • Personalized private consulting room
    • Browser-based platform
    • Not device dependent
    • Video or audio calling
    • Text chat
    • Admin roles
    • Waiting room
    • Patient queue
    • Appointment history
    • Browser check
    • Unique assigned consultation room for each appointment
    • Local mobile phone number assigned for SMS notifications
    • SMS Text & email notifications
    • Unique Provider ID for patients to connect the dentist of their choice
    • Electronic patient consent form


    • A secure data center in Canada
    • End-to-end encryption
    • All identifying patient data encrypted
    • All file exchanged encrypted
    • Medical data encrypted
    • Follows HIPAA compliance
    • Follows PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance

Support Available

    • Online help pages
    • Email support
    • Chat support
    • Scheduled phone or video



$ 25 a month
  • 1 Account
  • Minutes - Unlimited
  • Sessions - Unlimited